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🇬🇧Xbox One Installation Stopped External Hard Drive

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I Cannot install any game on any External Hard drive. Whenever I try to install a game it gives an "Installation Stopped" Messaged after only a few seconds of trying to install. 

Anybody else have any ideas?
Thank you for any assistance in advance.

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  • Administrator

Hi @ Deborh89  when you saying any ext. hardrive I presume that you had tried few? Have you tried to format the h.d. And are you sure you have enough space ?

if all the answers are positive then try to update your console (what model it is?)

Go to this link and follow the steps regarding formatting external disc for Xbox use. 

Let me know what is the outcome ..


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I will say disc formatting is important and you must do it properly, specially if you have a new or have had a used drive on different system .

Its looks like @ edjazoli25 found a good link, however if you still struggling @ Deborh89  let me know and we will try another things .

Good luck 

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