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2T it is a good size sdd hard drive. You can use it only with Xbox console as games using different format and unfortunately you can’t use this same disc for any other files than the games. Even if you formatted  your disc on pc and then add some files, you will still be forced to do another “game formatting “ after you connect it to your console. You will see the pop up message asking for formatting. After that you will be able to save existing and new game on it. 

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I agree with everything above.


  • external hard drive can be only use with Xbox consoles for gaming purposes ( if connecting back to pc will require reformatting-erasing all the data aka games.)
  • You will be asked, if necessary, to do formatting after connecting your hard drive to the console. 
  • Use usb 3.0, preferably 3.1. 
  • Best option for you will be using SDD ( faster and better performance)
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