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Last month we were graced with a new Skateboarding video game that I see as THE FUTURE OF SKATEBOARDING VIDEO GAMES!!! This game has done what Skate games did to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, something hard to believe until you experience it for yourself, which is quite easy to do since they offer a free 3 hour trial (which is the entire game!). 

One of the main aspects that attributes to it's realism is the fact that each thumbstick controls each one of your feet, which brings insurmountable fun once you learn how to grind & slide different features. 

Do not be fooled tho, this game brings far greater challenges to the Skateboarding genre than ever before! Personally, it took me about a half hour of straight gameplay during the trial to really get the feel for it.


The only question now is.. how will Skater XL fare with it's launch later this month?

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