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Hi guys. I’m planning to get a new controller for my Xbox and still debating between Elite2 or Razer Wolverine V2. Elite is slightly expensive but the money is not a problem for me. Which should I choose? Please help.

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The controllers are similar in the design and  technology to use in the functionality. However, Elite2 is fully compatible with xbox (of course) and will connect wirelessly to any xbox console( hmm, 🤔 and any pc, mobile etc), so you can easily use when on the sofa, in hotel, lounge... With the Razer you have a cable that is really design for closer monitor gaming(concept was to minimise the delay between gamer and the game).

Price? Elite will cost you extra £20 so why not spend it and end up with the freedom of movements??

I own two elite2 and cant find any fault with them, as well I can't imagine coming back to ordinary controllers. For me it will be always xbox Elite2.

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