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Hi guys!! As many of u know I love roblox!! ❤️ basically my child hood! So recently since 4am it’s been shut down! the roblox creators are not telling us anything! And of course of Tik tok, insta, twitter, yt and more they’re spreading tons of gossip abt what’s going on! no one knows exactly however you can’t talk to ur friends or anything! 😭😩 here is what people are saying…

hackers, the chipotle update, update etc…

But wouldn’t roblox tell us if there was some major update?

Kinda creepy and suspicious…. Hopefully it comes back soon! Our streaks and rewards are all lost and all the YouTubers have nothing to post abt!! Let me know what u think xx



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Yes it’s true, FB changing name and making new app…But Roblox looks more like the issue with the source code. Could be a hacker or I will say a group oh hackers. 

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