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Good morning. 
I’m planning to get new Call of Duty for my son as a Xmas gift.

So, if anyone  bought one, can I ask where and for how much? If you played already, what is it looks like, it’s appropriate for someone who’s 10? (He played few previous CoD’s)-probably will try myself as well.😜

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  • Administrator

Definitely will like the game. I bought, I mean my wife bought it (thx love ❤️) for me last Saturday from Smyths and I’ve paid £69 as it’s the version for series X. The game itself got 3 options. Campaign (already 3hrs in), Multiplier and Zombie. The Campaign is so cool as you going through the main storyline and then you are going through the story of your companions. Great visual effects and prologues making this game even more interesting with a history lesson behind.😉 Game it’s not gory so in my opinion it’s a great game for younger gamers. Have fun. 


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It’s a great game. Will give you a lots of fun and yes, it’s ok for your son to play in it. The only downhill like for me is the Zombie section as is not so advanced as I was expecting from previous CoDs. Enjoy and one more thing, wait a little bit until Black Friday and Cyber Monday as you probably will snap a bargain. 

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