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Hi everyone .

I’d like to know what will be a better choice 4 me as I’m not sure if I can afford new X.

Xbox one S or new series S?

I’m not sure about storage capacity with new S but I’m worried about new games if they still will be compatible with older oneS.

Id like to mention as well that I’m new with Xbox 😂.

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Hi again.

I will personally go for one S and the new series S it’s digital only and have smaller internal storage .

Ho for one S 1T and you’ll be fine as a beginner.

Games? You’ll be fine for another 5-6 years and all the new games will work with previous models.


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Hi mate,

I will personally go for series X , it will be your first console, yes?

In this case, you have an option to get a 24mtns 0% series X including Ultimate. It will cost you £29.  /month ( Xbox all access) 

You will save on passes and will get console on 0% ...

Cheers 🍻 

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  • Administrator

Personally I will go for series X as @Jack explained you already.

However, If you have fixed budget and not interested with monthly payment(0%!!-not loosing anything and paying less with Ultimate plan in it) , I will personally go for Xbox one S.

With current broadband speed, tv resolution and game access it’s better choice for the next 4-5 years.

I’ve got my personal theory that Xbox  make series S looks so rubbish that everyone will add extra and go for X...

Hope that helps.

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