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Xbox One S can’t see hard drive.

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It can happend for some reasons:

  • You're trying use usb 2.0 cable instead of 3.0
  • Maybe your disk require additional power, what is kind of your connection port?
  • Console may require cache deletion with restart console option.

You can also test your drive on pc and detect partition to recognise problem. Please give more details.

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@Grano22 is correct, sometimes the hard drive need to be connected with usb cable that was supplied with the disc to powered it. As well it’s worth to connect it to PC and try to format the disc. Make sure you are choosing FAT32 not NTFS. 

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Make sure you are following this steps👇
Select Profile & system > Settings > System > Storage devices

to find your external disc. Then you can do the setups. 
If you can’t see the disc makes sure you are using correct cable, need to be 3.0 at least. @Grano22 mentioned as well about cache cleanup- it’s a good idea as well. 

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