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Do normal xbox one games (not X/S enhanced) benefit from being played on a series X? Am not talking about graphics, I mean like solid 60/120fps, ray tracing, ping etc? Asking as it’s a massive gap in the One vs Series games price.😎

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@Roddix  Xbox Series X and Series S consoles run pretty much every game available on Xbox One - including many exclusive features as:

  • Auto HDR i- which adds a HDR effect on older games.
  • Quick Resume is another - it enables a clutch of games to stay in a paused state and start instantly as soon as you select them.
  • FPS Boost-clever technology that doubles, even quadruples the frame rate of older Xbox games for play on the Xbox Series X/S.Many of the titles are capable of running at a locked 60fps ,while they were originally locked at 30fps. Some even get a boost up to 120fps!

Ping?-nothing to do with the game my friend, its more an Internet connection. 

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