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Advice for buying series S. All Access for series S/X.

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My 10yo daughter has mentioned an Xbox for Xmas cos her school mates play and she feels like she's missing out.

She currently plays Roblox and Minecraft on her Ipad so I've no idea what games she plans on playing.

I was looking briefly in Smiths for series S as Im not sure if I will have enough for series X.

I don't really understand the consoles and the way its works, not even mentioning the Games Pass or All Access. Its like a foreign language to me.

I know as well that I have only week left so please any advices? I'd like to know basics.

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How desperate you are for new series S or even X as I can of course explain you how to get one in affordable price? Asking as your daughter is only 9 and maybe the better option will be a cheaper option as Xbox One S? You can easily snap second hand in very good condition for around £150-£200, including games. Let me know your thoughts and I will give you a list the best places to get one.

However, if you still want series S or X the best place for that will be a Smyths or Games using All Access purchase.

Basically its like a monthly payment ( you can imagine mobile plan) for 2 years with 0%. So for series S it will be £20.99 and for series X £28.99 per month.

Personally I will go for series X as your daughter can use older games on discs. Plus trust me, your hubby and the rest of family probably will go and spend some time gaming as well.

Worth to add that All Access including Xbox Game Pass( library of games that can be played for free any time)

Places to buy All Access xbox 



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Hi. As @ edjazoli25  mentioned you can go and new series X ( please do not go for S ) using the monthly payment plan, however if she’s 9, it’s really with it? Personally I will start with Xbox One S and see how it’s goes. 

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@Amanda so console need few things to works. Internet, tv connection and most important, as your daughter playing Roblox and Minecraft, plan that will allowed her to play with another players in the real time. You can get Live Gold as a better option for her Ultimate Pass. That will give her an unlimited access to all free games supplied by Xbox. That will be the best option. 
As well, it’s worth to try All Access.

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Hi guys, I spoke with my hubby and we are interested with series X then. I will try to go and order one today. I spoke with the lady from Smyths and yeah, the monthly payments looks good for us. Definitely will come back if need more questions.

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