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Just got an Xbox series S. Download times are painful. Tried downloading Forza 5 for example and it is still downloading 48 hours later. Have plugged in the wired connection, played with the settings, DNS, port etc. The download speed varies between 0 and 8mbps. Anyone with experience that knows how to speed up the download please?

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The only way is to keep the download times away from the peak time. The best time will be at night. Make sure you are not using console for gaming while downloading games and keep another devices disconnected. Your speed is very low though, what is your broadband speed? You can check it here https://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk

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@Guest Gary they are few things that will help you with the speed 

  • Close the games and apps( check for updates etc) 
  • Reboot your router. (Try to keep your router on all the time- do not switch it off for night it when not in use) 
  • Restart your console. 
  • Pause your another downloads 
  • Use an Ethernet cable if possible. 

On the end you may consider to change your broadband provider, which one  you using atm?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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