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Hello everyone . Yesterday I bought a spare controller on sale. After switching on I've got flashing light and nothing happening, I mean nothing happening on the screen, no movements etc. I tried to return the controller, however it was on the massive sale and they will not accepted back as I opened it etc. Maybe some of you can help me with that as I'm keeping the controller?

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Hey @Amanda , firstly check if the batteries are ok, your Xbox controller may be an indication that it has a low battery. ... If you know your batteries are fully charged and the light is still blinking, pop the batteries out, wait 15 seconds, and then put them back in.

Another issue could be that you need to synchronise new controller with the console.  To do it press the sync button on controller and console in this same time and wait for light to stop flashing.  

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Switch controller on and then Pete the button showed on the picture below, hold it for few seconds. In this same time press and hold exactly this same looking button on the console, should be on the from face of the box. Now both lights should flash, faster on the begging and then slower until they both will stop. Your controller should work now. Make sure you done all the controller updates(you should have an message after pairing on the screen)

Good luck B6462C0D-1342-4322-94EA-7315A195D386.thumb.jpeg.dd020db885f6d36508459a3be4a2fd49.jpeg

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