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Hello and a  question for everyone who currently playing Dying Light2. Specifically, it's about saving the game manually that is impossible to save. When I go to the menu and click Continue everything looks alright. But when I’m finishing game and starting next day is an hour earlier when.  I’m 🤔 confused. 

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Hi @ Johnax  I’ve got this same problem. The only option for you is to go to sleep or fast travel to safe place. It’s a pain to come back after play something else and see that you starting from different point. 

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I was thinking what you said about auto save/manual save in Dying Light 2….so recently I came across this article about power option for consoles(instant-on and energy saving) and it’s said that one of the reason you should keep it in “instant-on” mode is that “you will start game from the place you left”. I reckon as well, that only works if you will switch off the console while playing Dying Light2. 
Maybe it’s worth to try and at least that will save your game and keep you continuing without any issues?

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