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@Amanda are you planning to add memory expansion card? If so it's a great move as you will be able to play from it straight away.

However the "xbox game drives" are drives designed by Seagate for Xbox One, S and X to store the games and be able to play directly from them.

If you are going to use them with series X, unfortunately you want be able to play games directly from them. In this  case, the better option and more expensive will be an expansion card.

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@Amanda it’s a good choice, just remember that you will not be able to play straight from the disc. You will need to transfer game from hard drive to console (need free space, so first transfer few games on to the hard drive ) 

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@edjazoli25 so basically when I need a game from HD I need to make sure I have enough space on the console to make a transfer. If I’ve got not enough space I need firstly move any unwanted game on to HD and after that make another transfer? Thx 

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