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🇬🇧 Power issue with upgraded gaming Pc.

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Hi guys. I know it's a xbox forum but maybe someone will help me any way. I was changing few parts in my gaming Pc for better performance and since then I have few power failures. The system shouted down itself and Its going quite warm sometimes( I put the better fan and water cooling system). I have no idea want is wrong. Sometimes when playing FPS the whole system rebooting after 20-30 min?

Appreciate any help.

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  • Administrator

As @ Niebieska  will ask, what is you power supply adapter, probably not strong enough to run your new parts? As well specification will help, especially the pets you replaced. Thx 

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Posted (edited)


AMD Ryzen 5 3400G


ZOTAC Gaming GeForce GTX 1650 OC 4GB GDDR6


2x ADATA XPG Gammix D30 Series 8GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM 


Gigabyte M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD 1TB


ASRock B550M Steel Legend


Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 550W


Corsair 120mm H60i RGB PRO XT Intel/AMD CPU Liquid Cooler

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Wygląda na to kolego że potrzebujesz nowy zasilacz. 550W jest za słaby dlatego ci się PC wyłącza i zawiesza. 
Jak już chcesz zostać z tym samym producentem to polecam zasilacz poniżej. 
Antek NEG 750 Modular. 

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@Niebieska I’m not sure about latest bios version as I’m not a massive expert to be honest but I have something like Bios AgentPlus? My power supply is probably 5-6 years old but never got any problems before, it’s just started after upgrade. I can order bigger one but which should I use? If of course power supply is the issue. 

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  • Solution
12 godzin temu, WarantX19 napisał:

it’s just started after upgrade

This is typical sytuation where old power supply is having a problem with new components. The solution of your problem is the new power supply. For yours computer  I think that 600W power supply is good. 

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  • Administrator

@WarantX19 it’s true though, as @Niebieska said 600w will be enough, just confirming are you looking for one in Uk? Asking as can check prices for you if you want it?

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