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Hi Guys, I recently went in to the streaming “business “ and I was wondering what are the rules regarding own logo and adding Xbox feature?

Ive got option to put my staff on sale but not sure with this logo situation?


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I think you need to get licence if you would like to sell your staff( T-shirt etc) as you are selling kind of they product, you should be ok to use a Xbox logo as a promoter of Xbox but you cannot make any profit on it.Maybe if your logo it’s not to much Xbox logo you could make profit on it?

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  • Administrator

Hi @Thamas, yes Im with you as I was designing your logo, sorry for late reply. 
As you can see we used Xbox main logo in yours so I’m afraid you want be able to make a profit from merchandising your stuff. You should change logo or another option is to contact with Xbox and they will (normally do) issue a licence for a small fee.

For more info visit.


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I’m 98% positive you can’t si

ply selling staff with Xbox logo , or any other brands without licence, you can’t even manufacture them without permission. you probably will be ok with part of the logo and modifications with it.

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