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  1. 1. Which you prefer in Fortnite , “build” or “no build”

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Hi guys. 
As some of you know already Fortnite added new “no build” feature to its game. The new mode, for me personally, it’s a good move and I prefer more “no build” than old mode.
Today I’m asking you, which mode you prefer and why??


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  • Junior Admin

Fortnite became famous because of the ability to build, but over time it also became inconvenient because there were players who played non-stop and it was hard to win against them without better building skills so people stopped playing and that's why the developers probably thought of adding a new mode called "No-Build" which I think was a good move and I'm also in favor of "No-Build" even though I don't play Fortnite


What I wrote is only my opinion, because the developers suddenly decided to add this mode after quite a long time

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