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Hi guys, I don’t know how but my console not responding when I’m trying to remove my game(disc)…It’s m there a way to remove it manually? Or I need to send it back to Microsoft?

Im still ok to play the game for another week or so but It’s driving me crazy because I’m not sure how safe is to use it atm.

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Unplug the power cord and other connected cables first.

Uncoil a large paper clip. Your clip must reach 2 inches (about 5 centimeters).

Insert the end of the paper clip into the eject hole:


On the Xbox Series X|S, you will find the hole on the bottom side of the console along the edge of the round stand, adjacent to the disk drive:


As you push in the clip, the disc will pop out, but only a little. Pull the disc the rest of the way out using a lint-free cloth to keep the disc clean.

To keep this from happening again, make sure the disc isn’t sticky and doesn’t have a label that’s thick or peeling.

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