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Hi, as you know my son have an Xbox series x and he want to play FIFA offline. However, they are lots of updates and game/console want to be connected to Internet??

Its there a way to play offline or maybe he should reinstall the game? 
Or maybe it’s something wrong with console itself? 


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Of course you can. Make sure you have latest FIFA updates and then simply disconnect broadband cable or WiFi. 
You can go to console setting as well and go offline. 
but remember with FIFA 22 you be able to play only Career Mode and Kick-Off .

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To disable WiFi and go offline with your Xbox series x please follow steps below⬇️ 

  • Access the guide using the Xbox button on your controller, and move the stick all the way to the right section to find Settings.
  • Go to General and choose Network
  • Select Go offline on the Network settings menu screen.
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