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Looking to get an xbox series X from Very, so I'd like to know if someone had one from them as well?

Not sure and maybe a silly question but is a option to choose wireless controller or console only. Its mean if I choose console only, it will be console without controller and I need to choose "controller"?


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I was buying few things from Very but not Xbox console. So firstly, if you choose console only, it will come with one wireless controller- 💯 sure. 
It’s looks like you can add second one if need it.

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Definitely when you ordering console only its a set- console, power cable and wireless controller😐

Its looks like the other controller is a bit grey as a option so probably need to mark console and then you can choose 2nd controller and XGP. Probably that will increase you final price thought

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I went trough the purchase process and yes, you need to choose console only if you need console( including one controller) then you can add XGP if you fancy and on the end you can add extra, 2nd controller. All your choices will combine in to the final price.  
“console only”= console and one wireless controller. 

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