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Hi, the quickest way will be network transfer. 
Please check below 👇 for one of my topic how to do it. 




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Im afraid you can only use network or external drive transfer. Connecting usb cable to two consoles will not work. As you can see above you can use network transfer and here I will show you how to use Hard Drive instead.

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You  can install games on an external HDD or SSD and then plug it into your Xbox Series X, carrying over your games. You'll want to choose and set up an external drive if you haven't yet done so already.

  • Verify that your external drive has every game you want to transfer.
  • Power down your Xbox One.
  • Unplug the external drive.


  • Connect the external drive to your Xbox Series X
  • Power on your Xbox Series X
  • Wait for the external drive to be detected.
  • When the drive is detected, you are free to copy any games you want onto the Xbox Series X internal storage.

You'll need to be patient for the duration of the transfer and not interrupt the process in any way. If you do, data could become corrupted, requiring you to delete a game and redownload or reinstall it all over again.



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