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Hi Guys
I know it's been a long gap between any updates to the forum, but things are going smoothly and nicely so there's nothing really to report.
I have some new features as you all already know. 


Current Changes:

  1. Text translation of not only individual posts but entire topics. (thank you @ Nathan Explosion )
  2. Translation of polls will be coming in the next few weeks.
  3. We have had so many new registrations. A warm welcome to everyone!!!!
  4. Obviously a lot of changes that you can't see because they are taking place in the back of the forum. Speeding up the site, search optimisation on Goggle etc.


  1. New sections on the forum
  • Subscriptions - thank you for all your help guys.
  • FAQ-  @ Niesberkツ  is in charge and organisation of new questions and answers. Thanks for all your help.
  • Members shops- Personalised gateways for your shops that will send our members directly to your online shop.


Feature ideas:

  • Polls translation( thank you @ Nathan Explosion )
  • Chat translation- this is a big "MAYBE"( patiently waiting for @ Nathan Explosion  decision)
  • Massive GIVEAWAY in November and December( keep checking our Competition section.
  • Rebuild Active and Winner Gallery Competition section

Thanks again for your forum activity, new topics, questions and conversations.

@ edjazoli25

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  • Junior Admin

Slowly moving forward 😁


If you have questions that would be worth including in the FAQ, please write me in a private message the content of your question and I will be happy to add it to the FAQ and translate it 

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