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Can somebody help me please

I recently bought an Xbox Gold Subscription from CDKEYS – bought 36 months in the hope of converting it into Game Pass Ultimate 1:1

Problem is I signed up a brand new Microsoft account with the VPN on and 36 month digital cards was added to my newly set up South African account.  When I went to convert it to Ultimate it asked me for a credit card or mobile.   Which is the problem, my credit card here won’t work, and obviously I don’t have a south African mobile number.

I then changed the location of my account to Europe, thinking my Gold Membership would follow.  Which I got a confirmation to say it has.    Problem is when I go to get Game pass Ultimate it says that my region is not the same.   Contact service 

Is there any work around this, or have I just lost 3 years gamepass?

This was just earlier today…., does it take a few days to change over?   Thanks in advance, I am a newee to all this

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  • Administrator

I will advice to restart your router and do  “soft” reset of your console.  

With VPN it’s normal that your region

 sometimes it’s memorised longer in the console and especially router. 
Sometimes clearing cache will help as well as you have a small bits of information saved on your console 

If you don’t know how to do cache  clean let me know for more info. 
If that won’t help I think the best idea will be to contact with CDKeys and they support team- they are really helpful and as you bought Gold from them they will have more knowledge to help you. 

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@Firefox I used this patent few times in the past but always was using Uk Region. There are always issues if you want to save more by choosing Brazil, Argentina etc. I know that some gamers used virtual credit cards or was putting some fake address…you can try what @ edjazoli25  said but I think you have lost your money.  Not sure as well in CdKeys will help, worth to try, because they sold GP for correct region, it’s just you trying to scam it. 
Contact with the seller and maybe they will help you to change region/ refund your purchase ???? Idk TBH

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  • Administrator

@Normax it’s true, I remember that sometimes people was advices to give the Embassy address and tried to get around the region restrictions…

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