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Hello, I want to share with you some thoughts about LG Gram 17" 2022 laptop. I bought this kind of computer because I've needed to have compact device to work remotely during travels around world. So basically, this model offers really small weight (or the smallest even) experience and thin plastic case. We have also two thunderbolt v4 ports to power up and connect some fast devices. Also, we can find two USB 3.1 ports to connect pendrive for instance and HDMI port (yes standard HDMI, not mini 🙂). Battery capacity (80 Wh Lithium-Ion) is good enough. Fast charging is a huge advantage.  Keyboard is comfortable cause numeric keys are available and layout of buttons seems well organised. In addition, we can enable keyboard backlight. Laptop contains Intel Iris Xe G7 graphic, which is not good for gaming at all in my opinion but better than GMA and integrated GPUs for sure. Nothing special about performance too, we have similar hardware as cheaper equivalent.


To summarize:


- Small weight, pretty light

- Battery with big capacity

- Screen has less effect to battery usage than some competitors.

- Good enough speakers



- Face recognition works pretty bad

- Lack of fingerprint scanner

- Onboard ram

- High price

- Less performance than expected.




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