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Xbox Series X -Can't play FIFA23 online on my son account.

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Apologies in advance if this is in the incorrect place. 

basically, I am trying to set my son up on his new Xbox series x to be able to play FIFA 23 online against his friends. However the EA login/account system is seriously confusing me. 

I have my own profile on the Xbox and my own EA account. When logged into my profile I can login to my EA account on fifa and add friends to play online no problem, 


the problem lies when I go onto my sons profile, open up fifa, and try to login using his login details for EA it wo t let me login even though login details are correct (I can login to ea account on a web browser using his details fine). 

I got in touch with EA and they have told me that because he has a child account he doesn’t have the ability to play online against his friends. I thought it would be just a case of setting up a new profile for him and set it up as a teen account, however it still won’t let me login. 

if anyone has a workaround or any advice I’d really appreciate it. Thank you, 

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  • Junior Admin

Does the xbox account have parental controls?

When you set up your account with EA, was your date of birth set as if you were already of age?

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  • Solution

Set up new account on your console with over 18 date of birth. 

Tbh, Im confused, have you got XGP or Gold with Xbox, its could be an age...

You can try as well open the Xbox Family Settings app, and then go to Settings. Select the Multiplayer tile, and then select the toggle switch to block or allow multiplayer features

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Go to EA website and reset password and then go to console and try to log in again with your son’s account. Forget age restriction as FIFA23 is rated as E so no sensitive content etc.

Maybe you placed some time restriction for game itself??

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