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It's been a while since the game's release, so probably most of the bugs have been fixed. I haven't had a chance to play the game, but I know the whole storyline and conclude that it's worth playing even in 2023.


I won't describe to you my thoughts on the game, but until you play it yourself you won't know if it was worth it 😁



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With tons of free content, patches, and a handful of quests, the game is packed with content. The main story lasts for about 25 hours and players looking to experience all the side content will have to set aside 50-60 hours of their time.

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I bought Cyberpunk few weeks ago and still not even half way the story. Great game with ok, few bugs like enemies appearing from the wall(happens once) or I was stuck once in the bin. Overall it’s a great game considering recently lack of better games. 

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