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Hi does anyone know why i can’t use any wired headsets in my series x without getting consistent choppy audio every time? I have tried buying new head sets and changing settings and don’t know what to do. Oddly enough my ps5 does the same thing only with wired headsets. Someone suggested it could be interference from other electronics but ive isolated my consoles from my router and other things and still the same. Any help would be great please

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Yeah, I heard that lots of people complaining as with new series X Microsoft trying to cut off all the third party accessories. 
Try restarting both devices, then check if there's a firmware update for your headset.

RU connected directly to controller, without any adapters? As well have you tried with another controller? If so, it’s looks like a faulty headset. 

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@Andres Cota hi and welcome on the forum 

It’s very unusual to have any disturbance while using headset wired to controller. However, as your controller is used as a transmitter it’s possible to have some kind of distortions. 

An intermittent problem is a microphone jack or cable that can cause poor audio quality, noise, crackling, etc.( but you said already that you have tried few headsets with PS as well…. 
Another thing is that your microphone gain could be set too high resulting in a distorted signal, change this in settings,

In most cases choppy audio is an indication for problematic connectivity so try to restart/ clean cache in your console and check your headset for latest firmware updates.

Let us know what headset you have and I will advice you how to go through update process.


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