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 I liked Deliver Us The Moon. It had some mystery to it and I really had to think with all the puzzles etc.

Shame that was so short, however overall it was great- epecially since it was on sale when I got it.
 I realized after few weeks it had a sequel( deliver us mars).

So question is, it’s worth getting /playing now for full price  or should I wait for a sale? Or maybe it’s not worth it? 

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I loved deliver us the moon and I’m glad that someone played it!
I haven't played deliver us mars yet but read reviews that it's good but not quite as good as moon. I actually think I saw it on sale a day or two ago though so maybe check out the sales could still be on there. 

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For me? No, it’s not so good as I thought in the first place. There is a massive lack of kind of story line and not many things to explore. 

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