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 hello and good morning CIA I have reported these issues of complaints and concerns to the FBI and the majority owner of Xbox corporation Bill gates. However as much as I tried to resolve these issues for my own personal safety and stay positive about all the corruption by this company the stalking and harassment has not at all subsided and in fact has been more severe and worse than ever. I will continually write about this and give you all the details of my emails that I sent to the FBI and the owner of Xbox corporate. This is both the emails I sent and entire emails that were sent by myself to inform and for their assistance that made no difference whatsoever or subdue the constant harassment and intimidation that I endured for the past three years of being stalked and abused by the Xbox live community and company. Here are the emails: 

Hey Bill Gates you are clearly the creator of Microsoft. I have been very frustrated by this company Xbox corporation they have been harassing and abusing my Xbox account and controlling and interfering with my console and keep hacking my account and console for three years. I even tried to contact the FBI and other agencies to assist me with this matter. I recently sent a email to the FBI for their assistance and got no results but more harassment by Xbox. This is the email I sent to the FBI: 

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Hey there United States intelligence known as Fbi. I have contacted you all earlier today  for your expert assistance. I know you all care very much about the security and safety of your citizens of America and you probably want the same for your national security even of course for your Canadian neighbours. I want to report on a three year case of disturbing long term harassment and abuse by a rich filthy company. When I first got Xbox one I actually enjoyed the system and was 80 percent on nhl19 and nba2k19 with 680 wins and 256 losses. And I actually wrote emails to the ceo Phil spencer to compliment on the service of his company to provide a large streaming platform on Xbox ultimate game pass and durability of the Xbox controller elite but I did also complain about how much there was lag cheating among other users in your country. I mentioned that I will involve myself to combat the lag cheating cause I’m able to beat the lag cheating sometimes and I did trash talk but trash talking is of course allowed in most sports especially in hockey and basketball even other sports. My trash talking skills involved mentioning that lag  cheating in video games are comparable to children molestation as a joke cause the cheating user can get away with this cheating very easily and this company seems to support and encourage the lag cheating when it occurs to lots and most times against Canadian gamers I noticed this a lot in 10 players vs 10 players. If the user has some kind of Asian name in their profile or nickname the servers and Xbox will be determined to make sure the team with the Asian users team takes the lost by their hacking and inference I been playing eas nhl games since 2010 and sports video games from a early age 12 years old. I know and can distinguish between the difference from the lag cheating by the user and the server cheating. I actually was rewarded with around 8 months of free Xbox game pass which I was very surprised about but the Xbox One seem to change my settings on the system keeps on changing and the multiplayer got extremely hard to unplayable so I contacted their customer service to see if they could help with troubleshooting the problem but I was unable to do all the troubleshooting but this seem not to be effective enough. I figured that the free 8 months of Xbox game pass was the problem so I started to pay for the subscription now two years has passed and this harassment and interference has been worsening and the stress from this abuse has gotten me sick I developed phn chronic nerve damage which makes me in pain constantly. I mentioned this to their customer service and even their head office i should not have tell this to them and i also told them a hate cheating and i feel my privacy and rights have been violated and they should compensate for my bad experience. I said I was violated as a child and was a victim of sexual abuse which effected me throughout my life but I’m a determined person and mentally very strong and confident. I don’t let this harassment and bullying effect my ability to cope with life on any one of course I have strong opinions and good morals and hate racism and discrimination against any group but hate gamers that cheat and trash talk cause they always get away with this cheating and hacking. But some how the Xbox customer service team has been treating this disgusting behaviour by laughing and making fun and insulting me saying I suck at gaming yelling or giving me wrong instructions to solve the problems which I think made the problem worse and making very loud noises to hurt my ears or not even trying to help to not saying anything to make me frustrated. I bought another Xbox but a Xbox series x and a different Xbox one. The harassment kept on happening so I had to keep calling them and didn’t resolve anything I had to get rid of the Xbox consoles and I gave up on the Xbox company I even now contacted both my local authorities their local police department to deal with the serious issues that made me inflicted some frustration and fear with my mental health and safety. I tried to sell my current Xbox one which my parents and sisters gave me last Christmas they bought the two games I like best nhl23 and nba2k23 but I noticed the people that tried to buy my system seem to be in a different country like South America and USA I set my price on the Xbox to sell for 300 dollars but I will never get 300 dollars for the Xbox one never here in Canada there’s so many Xbox’s on sale I won’t even get 100 for the console and I really want to keep the Xbox cause cause it really belongs to my sister. I think that this strategy by Xbox is to insult and harass Canadian users on the Xbox community and grand stealing of Xbox systems from all over Canada. I don’t know why or why this tactical business approach will accomplish anything positive for everyone involved this company is a fraud and blatantly a corrupt organization and disgusting and inhumane they hire a lot of lcbo people and their ceos and head management have a problem with child molestation the employees obviously have some taboo issues and medical problems. They use their power to make their harassment become discriminatory cause they hope to sacrifice their Canadian users even if they lose the Canadian users to make a lag cheating American user feel better about their lives which obviously is encouraging them to cheat in their real lives and making them feel brave and invincible to a point in their community. I just want them to stop being discriminating and stop being hateful with their hateful comments and actions and relentlessly trying to ruin the relationship with their Canadian counterparts for a reason that has nothing but nonsense and hatred whatsoever to any good businessman sense other then to create a toxic environment with their Xbox community and bullying that this business has caused a huge conflict with the entire industry. I think it’s very unfair of course and I’m a insignificant part of their culture and they are just becoming cynical cyber criminals that are invisible. This company has been responsible for many things killing and destroying people’s mental well being for decades I don’t think they are even remotely aware of what they do that’s why they laugh when ever i phone them I say I’m from Canada they laugh and they laugh they make it known that they cheat and they don’t care and in denial they deny everything and I don’t think they even care about me reporting them to the police or government or even the church because they themselves think they can hid and do what they want as they are the sexual predators that they are really becoming and so proud of themselves and their work to cause such problems to certain groups and communities and countries they are out there in Canadian peoples homes with their stalking systems to cause one harm and causing a serious separation between communities and countries which will obviously lead to chaos and war caused by their customer service team in third world countries obviously you at FBI are hopefully recognize this situation already I think you are very important and completely strong and smart capable to combat this situation you specialize in this type of criminal activity cause the government are not a dictatorship   Consider this information before it will get worse and develop territory destruction among countries over a insignificant video game companies mind set or their customer service to wars eventually cause this console is really trying to brainwash everyone in this community it is not a video company anymore it’s a device of destruction and instrument that causes bigger issues in this world. If you at FBI can help me to investigate and enlighten the the problem of this self destruction that they cause please contact me back tell me what you can do to resolve this matter it’s urgent not insignificant it’s very intangible and very serious I have great concern and treat this matter very seriously and thank you all for your attention and support any feedback can go a long way towards helping this national security to stop in put a lot of awareness and attention to citizens in our country’s and governments to know what really is happening and what can be done to protect our citizens and communities to know that this spread of violence is caused by this individual Xbox incorporate and what really want to is making money in there way of helping the government and all of Americans cause this way they think they absolutely above all of life’s importance and this really makes sense in there world which the future seems like the perfect solution for their own belief system and selfishness as oddly enough is the best to a make believe that they are greater than what they are really seems like Hitlers brothers to me in a systematic way they’re doing a patriotic duty for their children and families throughout this whole country. They try to apologize and don’t even acknowledge that they will help just like to deny and blame and justify their actions and they’re actions of harassment and abuse and bullying constantly be known the facts that they really stalking people and being hateful is obviously the best thing for them to take advantage and retrieve all the Xbox consoles. They don’t want people to learn the real lessons in life inflicted by cheaters. Hope you all at the FBI take this information seriously it’s not child’s play like these video games meant for children and innocence of childhood but relentless on their lies and hatred for a accomplishment of their goals of a democracy that has at gang violent mentality backlash in the end by weak minded individuals with a dirty minded agenda that they are obedient to their sins a diplomatic solution they have. They get me for holding me hostage and hold me down to my opponent’s waist to do sexual acts in the nhl world of chel in a hockey fight which I know how to escape the hold in the fight, just so every other 9 players and especially for them to enjoy the seemingly good times they obviously have to make me have no allies or friends on their community. This happens a lot I don’t play their world of chel anymore on nhl23 and they have way more hacks to make the games prove they obviously hateful points known to the users. Again you at fbi I can trust you take my advice and don’t give up hope you have incredible abilities to change the world for the better and unite for the sake of everyone involved hope you can help and please give your support and feedback tell me what you can do to change this companies wrong doings obviously they not religious or kind hearted. On PlayStation you can violate and get suspended account a week but they won’t stalk or hold a grudge on purposely try to hurt you mentally or emotionally and physically they won’t continue to control ever aspect of every game or stalking you from console to console which Xbox will follow and harass through your email addresses to your account and phone number and Xbox employees will stalk you and contact you from facebook marketplace for them to confront and stalking your location is very easy for them to do cause they are very smart at this crazy crime they are the global glitch they have lots to prove. Tell me with your expertise skills and intensive abilities to make this Xbox incorporate and do a internal integration testing of their lack of knowledge or holy empathy and lack of faith which has no business in reality they have to have a lot of their employees be disciplined and their employees to lose their jobs because they broke their own rules and broke in their users private homes this attitude has no way to change any consequences our country’s future for the safety and security and health and happiness we experience this moment in time everyone should be safe and secure. Please contact me back tell me what is your opinion and what your plans and how you will assist me with this matter don’t hesitate and wait too long war and fault lines can cause chaos instantly at any moment but don’t be afraid to contact this Xbox community cause it’s in your interest to provide security for us all thanks for raising this concern and thanks for reading. 


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