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Cleaning, replacing paste in Xbox series X.

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Hello, I have a question, two years ago we bought an Xbox Series X console for our son. However, he doesn't use it anymore and didn't play it much, it was unused 90% of the time, so I took over the console. I wonder if I need to replace the thermal paste and clean the console inside?

I will add that there is some dust on the fan, but the room is clean and the console has been cleaned from the outside as well. 
Thanks Johnny. 

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  • Administrator

Don’t worry, you don’t need to replace paste and yeah, you can blow the internals with compressed air( I prefer to use hoover and suck the dirt out instead of blowing more in) 😉

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  • Solution

@Johnny  should be fine, no need for new paste etc, keep it clean away from dust sources( open doors etc) As @edjazoli25 mentioned its a good idea to suck the dust, not to blow more in. 

If I can add, as well try to keep console horizontally, not vertically, as then it will have better air flow.

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