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Check Out Shenmue the Father of All Open World Games (RPG Also) With Still the Deepest Fighting Mechanics in Any Game

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Hi video gamer friends, check out and more love for Shenmue (1, 2, 3, one maybe my favorite coz' there's a cute cat which was very memorable): the most immersive games, the open world genre all owe it to this humble game from japan by japan (but translated and dubbed in english though if played in japanese, it has a different impression and vice-versa, the language changes things it seems):


Shenmue, still the best open world when it comes to how it makes you feel chill and its the the father of all open world games as we know it  (it's an RPG open world too like Fallout 3, 4, you level up the martial arts skill and it's still the deepest fighting mechanics in any game) the father of all open world games as we know, if game designer Yu Suzuki with SEGA hadn't invented (and spent- it was very expensive at that time, the highest) the first open world Shenmue 1 & 2 (not there's 3 and they are looking to fun Shenmue 3 to 6 to finish the story), there'd be no Grand Theft Auto 3, Fallout 3, 4, Witcher 3, Red Dead, Cyberpunk 2077, no open word games in the future like GTA 6.  SEGA took the risk when it was the only genre like that but Shenmue if it's just feelings based (esp. Shenmue 1 with a cat there is a favorite, the fans have made a new fan made playable off shoot even if one check Twitter/X Shenmue Forever, Shenmue Dojo accounts and Adam Koralik too) is still the one that does not feel a grind, you just want to take your time and explore and talk- very nice charm (it's spiritual successor with a lot of action if Yakuza series and Xbox 1 was the spiritual successor of the Dreamcast- it has the same button lettering and offset layout on the stick)- there's also be no mini-games and side quest as we know it had Shenmue's not been invented. It's still the best open world, the father open world games when it comes to feeling good about a game, different from the action packed of it's predecessors like Arkham Knight wherein it just feels like a grind at some point you just want to finish a mission and the game coz' you have to play another asap coz' there are so many AAA games nowadays with game engines being easier to use.


Open world games though are an evolution of the adventure games which stared with text-based only then point and click and then Shenmue in 3D which I guess is mimicking real life which means immersion (VR/AR XR will bring it even closer to real life, hopefully someone will mod Shenmue to have VR even if it's 3rd person, the 3D but with depth in VR is the selling point of VR, no matter what P.O.V.


Shenmue or more of the Dreamcast has even found its way to a cool controller with VMU (the kind of mini "Game Boy" with screen, that double as a memory card that plugs into the Dreamcast controller as if it's a mech robot. VMU is a battery hog though, best to have rechargeable two 3v button batteries for it) in the Octopus Arcade Stick partly by Behar Bros (inspired as well by Dr. Octopus in the movie and some pro-gamers like Daigo- has mastered things that it seem he has eight fingers already standing for each button.


Shenmue still has the deepest fighting mechanics in any game outside dedicated fighting games like Tekken which is more repeatable in Shenmue 2. There's just a magic to Shenmue that's hard to convey in words, it's relatable, based on real world like GTA but the characters are fine also and its clean take on things perhaps add to the charm and magic that still makes it the best open world game, the father if the basis is just one how one made the game feel in the end as as he's playing it.


Thank you. May everyone experience the amazing feeling when taking one's time and conversation, exploring the charm of the Shenmue world.


God bless game designers who take calculated risks like Yu Suzuki (SEGA's Miyamoto at that time).



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Hiya, yep it’s a great series of Games, especially the first part where open world was introduced to myself. It’s a good story but a bit of lack of fighting etc. I think with 3rd part it’s start to be overtaken by another titles. 
But yeah, great game!!!

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Thanks. Shenmue is also the first ever open world game to use the Hall Effect analog stick making Ryo (who was supposed to be the antagonist Akira had they just created another Virtua Fighter but RPG) the first ever character to be controlled by Hall Effect because the Dreamcast controller already used Hall Effect in its analog stick way back in 1998! 🙂 (no wonder that analog stick had no drift and was a magic to use, even today).


Lots of first for Shenmue, SEGA, Yu Suzuki and the Dreamcast.

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