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so ive been playing Fortnite a lot recently, ive been getting many wins!!

and I thought id share my opinion on it!! and im interested in what others have to say, as I haven't been heard reviews about the many updates.

FIRST OF ALL, lego update, totally not needed !! this is Fortnite, not lego Minecraft... we all thought the update would be the normal battle Royale, just with lego characters and a lego themed map... but nope!! we get survival mode, where we hunt sheep and create a world. 

BATTLE ROYALE, not too bad, the map is a solid 6/10. as there aren't any remote locations, the map is loaded with in game bots everywhere you go, and there's no where to start off day apart from a few petrol stations.

MYTHIC, in my opinion the mythic weapons suck: just because I dont like the scopes, but other than that the new snipers are a big win!!! 

lets look at more positives, ranked gaming, the car updates, the medallions are pretty cool, more side quests during games, animations like jumping and climbing...

more negatives (oops): so many bots or hackers! noobs, the train is not needed... the battle pass skins could be better


overall, a p[retty disappointing season, but I still play it. lets hope the whole new next season ill be one of the best...



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I agree, we should play together, message me!!!


I personally like the scopes, but I agree with the rest. I do however like how they brought back old skins and emotes into the shop! very cool!! I DEFFFOOOOO think that the next update or whateva will be super cool, like cmon Fortnite!! you definitely should have something big prepared.


the last best season was season 2! we gotta do better than that. they should keep it simple, fun, addictive haha

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Lego update- sucks !

Weapon upgrade and selection- sucks!

Please give us old map, simple way of building and running and 3 trees( people who plays with me will know whay Im talking about)

Shield and Med recovery while moving - Nice and good idea.

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