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From level 1-45 Level- On world tier 1 and run domhainne tunnels over and over.

Kill all the mobs, do not rescue the prisoners.

When all the monsters are killed, open up a portal to town, then reset the dungeon, then go back through the portal. All the monsters are back. Keep repeating and you should hit 45 real fast, like a few hours or so.

Once you do that complete your class quest then run through the main quest.

Then switch to world tier 2 and complete the capstone dungeon cathedral of light to unlock world tier 3.

Then switch to world tier 3 and run tree of whispers dungeons and turn those in for gear and mats, this will also give you nightmare sigals, which you will use to run nightmare dungeons to level up from 50-100.

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@wakanda great tips, as well @Hassanaq , gear up when you get something better. It doesn't have to be perfect stats, bunt mainly Intel and Cooldown Reductions for a Sorcerer.

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