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Hi everyone.

Yesterday I watched two parts of the new series on Amazon, yes!!!!at last Fallout!!!. 

I love the game and I love the series.

If you want accuracy and if you want about the best game adaptation ever put to film? This is it!
People bitching about effects and power armor looking janky and whatever else, THAT'S EXACTLY HOW IT LOOKED IN THE GAME. 
All of the Fallout tech is supposed to look like 50's world fair concepts or shitty cosplay. 
They absolutely did a wonderful job on this. It is very clear here what happens when the director and crew are almost ALL fans of the Source material.

Masive 👍 !!

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@Johnny I start watching last night fell asleep on part number four so tonight need to recap what happened. so far great series. in the future as I was saying in all of the previous topics we should have more movies and series based on the games.

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