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Recently we have an access to EA games and as most of you I wasn't  sure what to choose in the first day of gaming.

Ok, decision, decision...I choose Anthem and be honest I realised "wait"is this a "Halo" or "Destiny"?

I've got mixed feeling as Anthem looks ok but do not deliver this extra particles as "Halo" so I must say from my point of view "Halo" its much better for me and yes, I can understand that EA making mostly sport games...Anthem is absolutely beautiful but its story is lackluster. And Yes I know Anthem and Halo Infinite where and are being developed by totally different developers and publishers but the similarities are rather hard to not point out. So do I have a point or am I just overthinking it.?

Someone probably will say , "what about Start Wars?"...hmmm I think its a different story and different post....

Let me know your thoughts?

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