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Hi there,

Im looking to buy first xbox console.Should I go for digital that is slightly cheaper or the standard one with “disc use”?Any ideas and recommendations...

Do I need any plans as well??How many pads?

Thank you .

Thomas- rookie gamer

BTW-I found you on IG @xbox.vibes...hope you will be able to help, as a I want you to be my Xbox home as I’m inexperienced Xbox user and all that big forums was laughing when I asked simple questions ...





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Hi Tomas.

Personally I will go for standard console as a back up if your broadband it’s not so good.Reason-you can download games from the disc and you don’t need later internet to play, however you will still need broadband to play online with another players and if you not using game pass you need to buy games on discs .I said standard it’s good choice for me .

Go for two pads as you newer know when someone will visit you for a game ...hehe.

And yes, you need game pass (to get access to free games online)  and live pass ( to play with another players online-You like Fortnite-need live )

Hope that helps, any more questions, simply chat .

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Thank you @ Jack  I will follow your recommendations, I prefer standard as well as it’s make more sense for me. 
I will go for two pads as well and passes looks like a “must” option ...Lol.


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  • Administrator

Hej Thomas .

I have send info on IG and majority of people said standard.

Hope that will help, personally I prefer standard, however you must to remember if you going to buy disc(£40) make sure you really like the game...This is its essential to get Game pass to get acmes to free downloads and live gold if you want to play as a team and communicate each other with headset.⤵️


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