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Series X controller compatible with previous consoles?✓

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Thank you. My plan is to use new seriesX  controller in my friends house with they Xbox’s  One X and S. As well my sis will use old one with my new one. Last question if I may, can I use my old charging port or  usb for charging? I heard new controller it’s almost like elite?

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Hi @Felix, @C3SGAMING it’s absolutely correct and unfortunately you want be able to use it for 360,

Charging new controller according to the gamers can be done in two way

*usb cable( remember that we have new usb-c connection that is slightly smaller )

* charging station ( and here we’ve got few questions ourselves, genuine Xbox power docks will be compatible with new power pack, rest of the brands it’s a big question, Xbox advise “However, due to a small difference in size between the units, if the battery pack doesn't fit correctly then don't force it as damage may occur, and it should instead be replaced.”

Any more question? Keep asking.

——-Good idea with using your new controller in friends house-show off 👍——-

I haven’t use new controller unfortunately so I can’t really say about similarities with Elite-sorry, still waiting for mine .

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