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Mimo, 偶e jestem tutaj kr贸tko to nie zamierzam st膮d odej艣膰.

Powod贸w jest wiele dla kt贸rych chce zosta膰 i sp臋dzi膰 czas jak najd艂u偶ej na tym forum i zamierzam wnie艣膰 sw贸j wk艂ad w wiele spraw, pom贸c innym, je艣li znam rozwi膮zanie lub sam tworzy膰 tematy o grach itp.

Mam nadziej臋, 偶e nasza spo艂eczno艣膰 b臋dzie si臋 rozwija膰, a nie zmniejsza膰, i licz臋 na to, 偶e inni zgodz膮 si臋 ze mn膮 w tej sprawie.

Gratuluj臋 te偶 @edjazoli25聽za sam pomys艂 stworzenia forum o Xbox

oraz za ch臋ci stworzenia spo艂ecze艅stwa.

Gratulacje nale偶膮 si臋 te偶 cz艂onkom Administracji kt贸rzy po艣wi臋cili sw贸j wolny czas przy pomocy.


Even though I'm here for a short time, I'm not going to leave.

There are many reasons why I want to stay and spend as long as possible on this forum and I intend to contribute to many things, help others if I know the solution or create topics about games myself, etc.

I hope our community will grow, not shrink, and I hope that others will agree with me on this.

Congratulations also @edjazoli25聽for the very idea of creating an Xbox forum
and for the will to create a society.

Congratulations are also due to the members of the Administration who have devoted their free time to help.

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I gave everyone a "like" even if we communicating in different languages, never saw this type of forum before .hmmmm well done and hopefully see you all around .

Happy b-day @edjazoli25聽and xTeam.


Unique?- yes!

Yes!- its US and our community XBOX-VIBES , a place for gamers!

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