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Playing on Xbox/Pc and sexual life?

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Hi there

Maybe it’s a silly question, but I’m little bit concerned about my sexual life and  constantly using pc/xbox.

I’m recently in relationships.

I realised that I don’t have to much sexual appetite and my girlfriend saying it’s because of the xbox and pc.

From your experience guys, let me know if this could be a true?

Xbox/pc will make you less active boys ?



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Hi @John24.

Thank you for interesting question.

The answer is yes, you will loose you appetite for this type of activity, especially after spending long time on the front of the Pc screen.

As a gamer I love to spend time gaming etc, but always saying that physical activity is important as well, so my recommendation is to keep balance.

Try to go for walks, exercise and keep balanced diet and trust me sexual appetite will come back, Ive been there..😉


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Thank you @edjazoli25 for your answer, sorry for silly question again, but your reply gave me a second view on spending time online. And don’t worry will still play and browse. I’m doing long walks  with my girlfriend as you recommend. Done few already and I feel fresh afterwards.I’m still playing as I will never give up with xbox, but now I have 15 min quick exercises from YT before gaming 

Thanks again.

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