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Hi @Thamasunfornatelly you can't connect AirPods directly to controller or any xbox console, including unfortunately new series X & S due to lack of bluetooth support.

You can easily connect wired iPhone earplugs, but with AirPods its a bit tricky but achievable.

1st option-   use a bluetooth adapter(Shosche) that you can easily connect directly to your controller and the connect you AirPods, you can fine loots of them online-https://www.mobilefun.co.uk/scosche-flytunes-xbox-one-bluetooth-adapter-dongle-black-78770?referer=BLOG

2nd option-   If you lucky enough to get latest smart Tv probably you will have a latest bluetooth support in it, simply connect you AirPods to tv and of you go.

3rd option-   is to use your mobile and xbox app , go to Microsoft xbox account>sign in>Let's Play>Start Party>Invite to Party > you can chat now with your friends etc...

Personally I will use first option if we talking about long games as lack of lagging and more comfortable option.


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