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This year Among Us has become a world known online game, which I hope many of you have already heard of. I don't actually know why im writing about it but its super fun and I honestly enjoy playing it with my friends!! So I would literally recommend it so much, and u can install it on ur phone or iPad :))

Always remember....



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Hi @xbox-star :)  I must say that today I downloaded the Among Us game on my iPad and my girls iPhones and ..... its such a good game.

I can't remember when I had so much fun playing with my girls virtual game, I was killer few times and I pretended that I want to cooperate and simply eliminate my daughters one by one.Next time  my younger one killed me straight away- so much fun and laugh.

Please do not stop to explore app games and add more in the future.

Thank you for great time- you've made my day.

Putting 5 out of 5 stars!!


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Hahaha, What a great game you found!

Stop finding  this type of games as I'm going  to abounding my xbox- 🤣, of course I'm joking...

Great and so addictive game.

Enjoying every time, I' m loving being the IMPOSTOR

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Among Us- what a game.

  • new?- yes!

  • different?- yes!

  • quick?- yes!

  • addictive?- yes!

  • are you impostor?-yes!

For me 5 out of 5 stars for the post @xbox-star :)  and for game itself 🤪.

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