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I’ve got a digital one and wherever I go friends, family I can easily access my account and play with no issues and without taking discs.

With disc you need to insert disc  every time you want to play.

Digital then in my opinion.

Both opinions will give you access to online gaming.

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Thankyou for your help.

I spoke with my nephew's parents and his got "All digital", and I've got no idea what this mean.

It's mean for me only that I need to buy a digital version of Call of Duty.

Thank you.

If I can ask, how I can buy digital version for him as a Christams gift?

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@Suzan, go to any shop where you can get xbox games, you will purchase a "game activation code", its like a gift card that you pre-load  with  the game.

Then your nephew will simply redeem the code straight to his console and download the game- simple as that.😉


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