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Hi gamers.

Today as I’m spending time outside I thought what I can ask you about??


As a Xmas time approaching I’d like to know your favourite Xmas movies, the one you always watching and  as well the new one you are waiting for?

*The Christmas Chronicles 1&2


*Home Alone 

*The Midnight Sky(waiting for)

Plus any catastrophic movies any time.


*San Andreas



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It's a tough subject as Im not a massive fun of Christmas movies, but this will be my list for upcoming Christmas feast.

 Im waiting for Wonder Women1984, The Midnight Sky and Soul.

From the classics, I done know, Im quite young but probably my parents will watch Kevin Alone, Nativity especially first and Rock one-I like it.

Christmas Chronicles, Klaus and one when they skipping Christmas?

Rest will be some British TV programs etc.

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