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I'm using a free Spotify with my xbox however I realised that I can't make a playlist and everything is a random shuffle order plus I have a problem with proper searching.

So I'm looking for paid service, its there any alternative for Spotify that I can use o Xbox? 


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Hi, of course you could go for Spotify Premium (£9.99, students £4.99)and you will be able to use all the premium features.

Personally I’m using Deezer Family plan, it’s cost £14.99 and up to 6 profiles can be set up with own track lists etc.
I like the layout and easy to use app. Deezer Premium cost this same price £9.99 as Spotify. 
If you will decide to go with Deezer, simply download app and register.

Let us know your choice and fav music.

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I’m using Spotify Pro for $4.99-students discounts.Its much better then  free account. @John24 RU using Spotify while playing? If so, I would recommend you to go for pro-PM me I will give you student code from my studentbeans account if you want.


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