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Update ------------ 22.02.2021 ----------------

- Event in verdansk named "Dark Water approach" will start 11th of March and it will be about destroying the map verdansk to replace it with brand new *Ural Mountains*.

- New Weapons (6):

FARA 83 Assault Rifle




R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow

ZRG 20mm Sniper

- New zombies mode (outbreak)

- New multiplayer maps (4):

Apocalypse 6vs6

Pension - Gunfight

Golova (multi team)

Fourth will be announced in future

- New warzone modes (2):

Resurgence Extreme (Rebirth Island)

Exfiltration (Ural Mountains)

- Scorestreak - minigun (deathmachine)

From 25 to 11 event warzone - zombies Outbreak

Next 4 Prestiges

- New three modes: gun fight ,stock pile and in second half of seasson - multiteam hardpoint

- 4 new operators:

Samantha maxis z from zombies mode with dr Monti's scarf, Nikolai googles and takeo's katana - wakazashi





Panzer soldat V2 from Der Eisendrache will return in new zombies mode .

Outbreak trailer:

https://youtu.be/oHBzHS87w6k .

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