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I have a question.
Any chance that to share the game with a friend, if the game is downloaded / installed on my / his console?
I have in mind Call of Duty / Modern Warfare which he owns on his console ,however before I will ask him ,I'd like to know  if he could somehow send it to me online xbox via xbox as he live abroad?

Hope that question have a sense to you all?
Thank you in advance for your answers and ideas.

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You have to log on you friends account on your console and set it as "Home console" and your friend has to do it the other way found on his xbox. (Your account as a Home Console on his device).

To play a game you can use your own accounts on your consoles. 

You can share games and Xbox Live Gold this way. Dunno if it works for Game Pass it EA Access (with EA Access probably not).

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