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🇬🇧Accessories for Xbox Series S?


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Hi @Paulx5, If that will be me I will go for and extra 2nd controller, charging station and good quality headset.

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  • controller(you need 2nd to play together or simply as a replacement )
  • charging station and power packs instead of batteries (saves time and your controllers are always ready for action)
  • headset- as you will see soon it’s handy to keep environment around you quiet, especially for wife, so you will keep all the action to you only, plus you will meet friends that you want to chat with.

And I’m not sure if you need hard drive on this stage as could be quite expensive and may not even use it in the begging. Start new topics about hard drives for more info 😉

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@Paulx5, good question. I will go, in first instance, for a good quality headset as probably most of the time you will play later in the evening or at night.2nd controller?-maybe, depending how much money you can spend for accessories? With Hard Drive I will wait as well as you will have 360GB left so in avg. 6-7 games should be enough?.

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Ok, thanks. I was thinking about second controller and charging station. Headset looks like a great add as yes, I will probably play myself as well after work etc 😂.Regarding the Hard Drive, I was thinking to use my current one from Pc.

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15 hours ago, Paulx5 said:

Regarding the Hard Drive, I was thinking to use my current one from Pc.

You can’t use your Pc external hard drive for series S-kindly start new topic in accessories and we will explain you why, as well you can ask for recommendations for headset and charging station. Ty again 

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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