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🇬🇧Broadband speed/recommendations for Xbox✔︎

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Good morning.

In the past few days we had experienced issues with Xbox connection (trouble to play games properly). I’ve got basic broadband and no idea what speed I’ve got etc. I think I need new provider, so, what speed I should choose and any UK recommendations please? 

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Normally 3-5Mbps will be enough for online gaming, however you must remember that everything depends how many people using your local exchange as sometimes your speed can drop to a very low level. 

You can check your speed here https://www.speedtest.net .

I will recommend you to go for” fibre optic  “ broadband as  you will get around 65 Mbps with constant flow.

Im currently with TalkTalk 65Mbps fibre optic for £26/month , but in few months time will go for Vodafone 62Mbps for price of £21/month as my contract will go to the end.

Any questions, simply ask.


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Personally I will go for Optic solution as it’s definitely much faster that ordinary broadband, you will loose a bit on the copper wires to your house but any drop will be compensated by higher initial speed. Plus it will be great for you to watch Netflix , Disney etc 

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