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🇬🇧Series X All Access.


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  • Administrator

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a new Series X. Of course I need to wait for delivery that unfortunately will be on 31st of January 2021. In the meantime I’d like to explain you what is the “All Access” option when you buying any Xbox console from Smyths or Game shop.All Access it’s a way to own new console and Ultimate with 0% interest monthly payment for 2 years.(£28.99)
So let do some calculations as some of the people are saying that I’m paying to much? and it’s not worth it?🧐

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1. Cash buy-Series X cost £450 cash price plus £11/month for Ultimate. In total you spending £260+£450=£710

2. AllAccess buy- total cost £695

2 years 0% with monthly payment  of £28.99, including “free” Ultimate. £695-£450=£245( £15 saving) 


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  • xTeam

In my opinion All Access is a quite good service. The cost is similar to buying a new console and XGPU for the time of 24 months.

If you do not want to spend around £400-£500 for the device and then look for XGPU sales it is the best option. With a low monthly payment you get a console and dont have to worry about XGPU. Just like a mobile phone contract. 

There are of course people that prefer to search for XGPU sales or giveaways and the will say that All Access is not worth it.

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  • Administrator

I was very poor when I was a kiddo, I was always looking for a way I can save as I've got a big respect to the value of the money. Even now when I can afford the things, Im still looking for a way I can save or make more in the wise way. For me its a £15 in the pocket-no one will give you £15 for free, plus the rest of the money can still make few quits over the years in the saving account...Its a win for me @GMd4d.

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