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🇬🇧AirPods and Xbox One.


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Hey, I’m new to this forum and I have a few questions! 1) my dad got me some AirPods and I tired to attach them to my Xbox but it’s not working :/// can someone explain me how to do it, or if it just doesn’t work with AirPods. Also could one of you show me a link with some cheap headphones that works with my Xbox 1s. 2) me and my brother always fight with the Xbox 😂 we can never play at the same time! Do any of u know some games that work with duos? xo thanks 


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Hi, just letting you know you can write the different questions in different topics! I’m not sure about the AirPods wait for someone who knows more than me to tell u 😂 I’ll try find a few links but look on Smyths they have headphones x also some games like- Fortnite, Star Wars. I’m not so sure though!

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@GriGAMER_1793, unfortunately you will not be able to connect AirPods to xbox as Xbox not supporting bluetooth. You can use a special adaptor, however the easiest way will be to get a proper headset.

You can get some Razer headphones in quite good price, but first witch country you are from?  how much you want to spend? As @lilk_1h mentioned , maybe its worth to start a separate subject for headset and games as its a loots of to choose from.

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